Monday, August 13, 2012

J'adore Origami: Origami Birthday Cake Tutorial

If you have someone's birthday coming up soon and you want to give her or him a birthday card, maybe you'd like to create it your own. Why don't you try to make origami birthday cake as a decoration for the card. The directions are easy and it's best if the paper you use to make the origami cake has patterned that matches a real cake, like stripes or polka dots. Start with the patterned paper on the top side and use a square paper. The size of the cake depends on the size of the paper you use. So I suggest you practice with several sizes of papers to make sure you get the cake size you want. The origami cake that I made was used for my best friend's birthday card. The pattern on the paper creates a similar look to a real cake.

How to Make Origami Birthday CakeOrigami cake birthday card
Origami cake birthday card 
Origami cake