Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Sweet Simple Cards

I've been planning to give two of my oldest daughter's teachers some gifts as Emily's graduation was near. She graduated from middle school last Friday and I've got the perfect gifts for them. But all the school activities toppled on top of another and filled up my days that I couldn't get to create the cards for them. When Friday morning came, I woke up early and spent some times to make two simple cards. Nevertheless, I could only did so much in a short time, so I chose to make just two simple cards. I cut-out images on the front part of the cards then decorate them with metal flower for one card, and another with some rhinestones. While at the back of the card front, I adhered patterned paper to accentuate the card, so they wouldn't look too bland. We decided to give the gifts to Emily's firs grade teacher, as she was her first teacher at her elementary school, and to her eight grade teacher, as she was her last homeroom teacher in middle school. For your information, Emily has been in the same school through her elementary and middle school for eight years there. Her teachers loved the gifts and the cards very much.

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