Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kid's Craft: Grafitti Messenger Bag

When summer vacation approaches, I got to thinking of several activities for my kids. Some activities I can do at home with them and some, like the last summer, would be at the arts & crafts store. There are 3 arts & crafts stores in our vicinity, but I think one is probably the best in the diversity of the craft projects and the challenge based on the kids' ages. So, my eldest daughter learned to sew. She made a beautiful decorative pillow. While my younger daughter learned to knit and crochet and my son wanted to try anything, but sewing or knitting. I enrolled my younger daughter and son into craft class where they would decorate a canvas messenger bag. It was really a bargain, since one craft class get another craft class free. The only material we bought were the messenger bags. The paints and other color sources were provided by the store. My kids had a great time and they love their instructor. She's really cool in drawing (we looked at her sketch book). If you'd like to create one of this graffiti messenger bag or any other bag, these are the materials you need:

  1. canvas bag
  2. fabric paints or fabric markers
  3. blue painter tape
  4. Stencil or drawing

The directions:

  • Cover the outline of the front cover of the messenger bag with blue painter tape.
  • Paint the whole surface with primary color and let it dry.
  • Add more paint unto the bag, you can mix and match the colors.
  • While waiting for it to dry, draw the illustration for the bag or prepare the stencil.
  • Draw on the bag or the stencil and let the bag dry.
  • Take off all the painter tape.

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