Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Makes Friendship Sweet

Yesterday I received a receipt from the post office. I was curious to what sort of package I received and whom it was from. So I went to the post office this morning and to my surprise, the package was from my blogger friend in Bandung, Indonesia. She and I got close through my (old and almost deleted) arts and crafts blog. I held a monthly activity called PRAKARYA KERTAS or paper crafting and she was one of the loyal follower and contributor. I was stunned by the beautiful arrays of handmade things she sent me, her own works of card and mini scrapbook album. I taught how to create the mini album on my blog a while ago and my friend came up with an amazing work based on that same project. This is what makes friendship tastes sweet, the small pretty things wrapped up nicely with yarn or ribbon, a package of warm feeling and distant hug. Though unseen and it may be intangible, friendship through a blog goes a long way and to add the closeness between friends, a small gift is needed once in a while. 

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