Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Fruits & Vines Eid Greeting

Every year when the holy month of Ramadan approaches, I usually already have some designs for Eid greeting card that I'm going to send to family, relatives and friends. Each year I come up with different theme, style, color and nuance. A lot of things become my inspiration, but I love to get it from the verses in the Koran and apply it into my card. As a Muslim, I feel close and humble to the Highest being like this, by reading the verses and try to translate it into an art work. This year I decided to create several Eid cards using patterned paper that has grapes (or blueberries) as motif. My inspiration is the verse from Chapter 16 or Surah An-Nahl meaning THE BEE, verses 10 - 11.

"It is He who sends down water from the sky, which provides you with drink and brings forth the pasturage on which your cattle feed. And with it He brings forth corn and olives, dates and grapes and fruits of every kind. Surely in this there is a sign for thinking men."

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