Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear Friend, You're A Hoot!

My friend, Anne, loves owl. This particular bird has special place in some cultures. It is the symbol of wisdom, teaching and learning institution, and attributed to witches and wizards. An owl is also beautiful bird with uniqueness from its sensitive hearing, excellent night vision and the only animal that can rotate its neck 270 degrees. That's incredible! Based on that, I was tickled to create some cards with owl as a decoration and a theme. I use an owl rubberstamp from Studio G (the only owl themed stamp I have). The shape of the cards are of mason jar. I love this jar and collect some. So, what do you think of these two owls? Aren't they cute?


  1. Hoot! Yes, I 'm hoot! Hihihi.. Lucu banget burung hantunya, mba Dian! <3

    1. Thanks, Anne. Kayaknya aku jatuh cinta nih sama burung hantu, hehehe. Pilih yg mana kartunya, Anne?

    2. Yang garis-garis menurutku lebih lucu. Mungkin karena aku suka paduan warnanya, dan ada aksen pita ya mbak Dian!