Monday, February 25, 2013

Love in A Jar - Anniversary Card

Some of my close friends that I have now, are met through blogs. We have similar interests and through times, we become close and closer, almost like a sister in heart. Though distance is between us, and most of the time we have interactions only through typed-words on the computer monitor, in our hearts we understand so many things that makes our friendship flourishes. Sometimes when a special occasion arose, I would make a special card for my friend. A birthday card, an anniversary card, a missing-you card, a thank you card or congrats for her new family addition. This time, I created an anniversary card for a friend who loves to bake. Her creations in baking many types of cakes are superb, but it irritates me that I can only see what she bakes, not taste it. Perhaps one day I got to taste one of her many baked goodies, for now the pictures will entertain me enough. The card shape is like a mason jar, reflecting a kitchen thing, the place where my friend loves to be. I hope this card will sweeten up our long distance friendship.

In Love Jar - Anniversary card Inside anniversary card In Love Jar - Anniversary card


  1. tombol like mana tombol likee?

    1. Mijit dengkul aja dulu, Rana, hahaha. Suwun yo.