Monday, June 25, 2012

Brown Bag, Brown Bag, What Will You Be?

Paper or plastic? When you go to a grocery store, sometimes the grocer put the breakable items inside a brown paper bag. Sometimes when you get some take out from your favorite restaurant, you'd get a brown paper bag too. There's something interesting about this bag. We can always reuse the large bag for another grocery shopping or to collect recyclable. While I keep the medium size bag handy to put some avocados or mangoes that were still young and unripe. I kept the fruits in the bag, closed it and waited about three days to have some excellent sweet harvest. Whereas with the small bag, I use it to create a greeting card. Imagine this brown bag as your canvas ready to be decorated, drew on, painted or turn into something pretty and unique.

Since the paper bag material and texture are rough and not as loosely as regular paper, you have to make sure to use a good and strong adhesive for the decorations and use certain types of paints if you want to paint the bag. I chose to use rubber stamp and used the pigment ink for a clear image. I also hand-stitched the bag, and it needed some extra hardwork especially because of the layering on the bag. You can use used materials to accentuate the bag. I used some waste threads to create a bird nest and part of used envelope for the background paper. Don't forget to make sure the paper bag is not soiled with oil or any other material that stinks and the rest is up to wherever your creation will take you.

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