Saturday, June 23, 2012

J'adore Origami: Cute Goodie Basket

Summer is the perfect time to try to do this project. The kids are away from school and maybe you'd try anything to get them occupied. This origami basket is excellent for birthday goodies or can be used as a container for plastic utensil at a picnic. I made some for my friend's daughter's birthday party, and for food presentation at my daughter's school. If you're planning to have a lady's gathering or tea party perhaps, the basket can be filled with mini soap, potpourri, tea bags or any other trinkets. For sturdier and bigger basket, I always use a piece of scrapbook paper with 12inches by 12 inches (30cm x 30cm) dimension. Make sure every creases and folds are crisp and clean. You can follow the pictures below that I set up for a tutorial (don't forget to glue the basket handles).