Saturday, June 23, 2012

What to Do with Cute Candy Images

My kids just like any other kids, love candy. They have preferences and some favorites and among them are the ones from other country, like Japan. I think Japanese candy boxes are the cutest, in their appearance  and the images on them. One of those images come from mini candy boxes that are so cute. Each image represents an alphabet with the illustration depicting what the name of the word is. A is for airplane, or for animal. F is for fox, while W is for whale. The images are perfect for decoration for any kind of paper crafts and I used them for my daughter's birthday card.

I arranged the images to make out a word. Then I prepared the cardstock and adhered a piece of patterned-paper on it. Meanwhile, I also made some colorful tags from different cardstocks. I placed the images on the tags, and adhered them unto the card. I drew half-circle on the card, bypassing the tags. Then with a needle I punctured some holes and hand-stitched them with some yellow floss. For added accent, I used a piece of  paper from the bottom of a mini cupcake cup and adhere it unto a circle cardstock.

Birthday card using images from candy boxes and the bottom part of mini cupcake liner.



  1. wah, aku belum pernah liat kemasan permen kayak gini Dian! lucu juga!

    1. Di beberapa toko Asia ada, Day.