Monday, July 2, 2012

J'adore Origami:Lovely Origami Roses

Roses are blooming everywhere by this time of year here. Red, pink, orange, yellow, white, so many types of roses that I've seen here and there. Don't you wish you can copy the beauty in each roses unto your craft or artwork? One of the way to do it is through origami, the art of folding paper.This origami project is an intermediate scale of folding, just to let you know. You have to pay attention really well to every step, so your origami roses will be as beautiful as the real ones. For my projects using the origami roses, I used several used book pages. I cut them into square then folded into roses. I dabbed some ink stamp unto the roses to add some colors that I wanted it. If you use regular origami paper, start with the white side on the top or facing you. Here are the step by step directions how to create beautiful origami rose. Have a happy folding!

P.S. Please leave some comments if you think you understand the directions or when you finish creating a rose or two. I'd appreciate it, thanks.

Origami roses used in scrapbooks and an altered book.

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