Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old Calendar Scrapbook

My latest scrapbooking project involves an old calendar. I keep several of old calendars that are very good. Because I love buying calendars especially illustrated with paintings or drawings. Like the one with Charles Wysocki's paintings or Mary Engelbert's. Last year I came upon calendar with paintings by Ellen Eilers called Life in Calico Country and right away fell in love with it. But after one year has passed, I don't want to throw away such a beautiful calendar. So instead I use the mini calendar as an album for my scrapbook project called FALL IN CONNECTICUT, therefore I can still enjoy Ellen Eiler's artworks too. I've created several pages already and will post them below. I will describe the details about the materials and directions later on. By the way, this is one excellent way to reuse an old calendar to turn it into a scrapbook album. This way, if you use a desk calendar or a sturdy mini calendar like mine, you can show off your scrapbook album on a table and change the page each month just like a calendar.

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